"We were looking for a home with an in-law apartment in the same town we currently live in."

Read the Talbot's story about their experience with Maria Romero Vagnini and what advice they have for you.


Julie Talbot's parents were getting older and they had decided it was time to downsize to a condo. However, Julie's father had some memory loss ailments and their family decided to have both him and her mother move to Massachusetts where they would have extra assistance in their older age. Julie and her family were looking for a home with an in-law apartment in the same town they currently lived in. She started going to open houses and did found something she really liked. Unfortunately, her initial home choice went off the market and she continued her search. By some stroke of luck, the Southborough home she fell in love with came back on the market and it's been history since. Shortly after the new home purchase was completed, Julie decided to list her previous home.

Why Maria Romero Vagnini?

Julie had known Maria for a few years--their children go to school together. She saw her at an open house and they got to talking. Julie knew instantly she was the right choice.

She genuinely felt impressed with Maria's knowledge of the market. When the Talbots were finally ready to set up with a Realtor, Julie called Maria and they got to work. Maria put together a market analysis quickly and instantly made her feel comfortable and excited about her decision. Maria was very down to earth and honest when delivering her opinions and Julie appreciated that. 

"I cannot say enough about Maria Vagnini. She is a truly amazing person, Realtor, and friend."

What Was Most Memorable?

Maria's constant support was the most memorable part of Julie's experience. She already knew she loved their new house choice-- but Maria helped Julie love it even more. She was so patient with Julie's parents and made that transition smoother for them.

There were some really stressful moments with the closing process, due to Julie's bank, but Maria handled it all like a pro. She assisted Julie in pushing the bank to get her closing completed.

How Was Maria Romero Vagnini Different?

Maria helped in the buying process by getting really knowledgeable people in to do the inspections and the closings. Julie loved the way she staged her home as well as the video and pictures taken for the sale. Julie feels those elements really opened the door to sell her home quickly.

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Julie's Advice to You

If you're considering selling your home, my advice would be to 

"Get a Realtor quickly, preferably Maria, and get yourself out and looking. As far as selling, all the tools this realty team uses are amazing and I would recommend using them just for that alone."

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