"We had to make an offer without being able to go out and see the property"

Ellie Goldman and her husband purchased their new condo site unseen. There was some risk involved and Melissa was helpful in mitigating that risk.

Read the Goldman's story about their experience with Melissa Ellison of Mathieu Newton Sotheby's International Realty.


Last year the Goldman family decided to sell their condo in Denver which they had owned for 10 years and reinvest the proceeds of their sale into another home in Massachusetts. They looked at many options and ended up deciding on a condo in Cape Cod.

Why The Mathieu Newton Team?

Ellie had a previous connection to Melissa through her husband. She explained that Melissa has a very even temper and has provided comfort throughout all their sales and purchases. The Goldman's had sold and bought their main residences with Melissa prior to purchasing their most recent investment home.

"Melissa has been a very steady force throughout all the sales and purchases which can have a lot of ups and downs and be very emotional...We have a tremendous amount of faith in her."

What Stuck Out To You?

Ellie was surprised at how fast the whole process went. They needed to turn the transaction around quickly between selling their Denver condo and purchasing their condo on The Cape. They needed to find a mortgage person and an appraiser and Melissa set all of this up very, very quickly.

How Was Melissa Ellison Different?

Prior to their reinvestment, Melissa helped the Goldman's find an agent in Denver to represent the sale of their condo. He was a great referral and helped them sell quickly in Denver. When they were pursuing their new condo in Cape Cod Melissa accompanied them for the inspection which was quite far. They were impressed immensely by her dedication. On the flip side, during a previous sale of their main residence in Massachusetts, Melissa brought in a photographer and stager to prepare their home. The day they put that home on the market they had 3 offers in one day.

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