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Westborough Cork & Grain

Ed Newton III

After many years of working together, Ed and Mike have developed a team synergy that's built on compassion, respect, and trust...

After many years of working together, Ed and Mike have developed a team synergy that's built on compassion, respect, and trust...

Feb 12 4 minutes read

Welcome to Westborough Cork & Grain! Located on West Main Street right off the rotary in downtown Westborough, this is the perfect location for your beverage needs! We were fortunate enough to spend the afternoon with co-owner Dan to learn more about what drew him and his business partner to Westborough and all about their business.

After a thorough search that lasted well over a year, Dan and his partner discovered the town of Westborough. They were immediately drawn to the area, given the local demand to try new wine and spirits. Given this foundation, Westborough Cork & Grain established its roots a little over three years ago and has been flourishing ever since! Dan told Mathieu Newton Sotheby's International Realty how they consider themselves a wine, spirits, and beer store with a focus on smaller family vineyards that do not have mass-produced products. They like to apply this approach to their spirits and craft beer as well to aid in differentiating themselves from other similar businesses.

“We try to be different from the typical 'big box stores' by placing a strong emphasis on customer service and handselling our products.

Following in their product selection, Westborough Cork & Grain tries to be unique compared to the typical "big box stores" by placing a strong emphasis on customer service and hand-selling their products. They recognize that due to the smaller brand name recognition of the beverages that they offer, people are not as familiar with these goods.  For this reason, they take the necessary time to talk to their customers about what their taste preferences and likes are to ensure they are buying a product that they will love.  If you're in need of a fun way to kickstart your weekend, they offer regular Friday afternoon wine tastings from 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM that specializes in a different wine each week to allow customers to expand their pallets by enjoying some free samples!

To tie in the concept of bringing in products that customers are not familiar with, Westborough Cork & Grain wanted to highlight a large tasting area where vendors could set up a space for taste testing.  This would allow for customers to become acquainted with the smaller name brands and ensure that they are getting the best-matched product for themselves. Inspired by Dan and his wife's trip to a tasting bar in Croatia on their honeymoon, the company designed the lower half of their bar to include a place to put corks from their tastings and encourage customers to come back to add to this collection as well. Westborough Cork & Grain looks forward to continuing to add to this collection and connecting with members of the community and helping them broaden their horizons!

Mathieu Newton Sotheby's International Realty would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to Dan and Westborough Cork & Grain for welcoming us into their store! 

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To view our interview with Westborough Cork & Grain as well as view the interior of the store, check out our video on our YouTube channel! 

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