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The Spurr House with the Desjardin Family

Ed Newton III

After many years of working together, Ed and Mike have developed a team synergy that's built on compassion, respect, and trust...

After many years of working together, Ed and Mike have developed a team synergy that's built on compassion, respect, and trust...

Nov 15 4 minutes read

Introducing Matt, Helene, Penelope, and Chloe Desjardin, the proud new homeowners of the historic Spurr house in downtown Westborough! The Spurr House was built circa-1845 just off the rotary on Parkman Street. The previously town-owned property proudly hosts the 9.138 square feet of land with a home that is filled with charm and potential. The Desjardin family has incredible plans for renovating this infamous landmark in Westborough to turn it into their dream home, and Mathieu Newton Sotheby's International Realty is incredibly fortunate for them welcoming us into their new home and letting us follow them along their journey!

“We were able to get a tour through the house and just walking through and seeing the historical elements of the house which, are beautiful, it's in rough shape, but we could see the potential, and the possibility of living in downtown and owning a piece of the history was so appealing to us.”

Residents as well as educators within the town of Westborough since 2001, the Desjardin family has strong ties to the community. Given their active involvement and love for the town, the family knew that they wanted to root their lives here. After stumbling upon a Facebook post that discussed the bidding process for the home, Matt and Helene knew that they needed to learn more. Once a request for proposal (RFP) was put out, they went to the town offices to retrieve a copy for themselves. They had to have certain aspects within this document defined and required a proposal to be written out to be submitted to the town for approval. 

After getting a tour of the house, the Desjardins were able to see the historic and beautiful elements of the home and knew that this house needed to be theirs. Although the house is currently in rough shape, they were able to see the potential and ideal location of the home, which drove the family to put a bid on the house. 

Upon hearing the news that they had won the bid, the family was very excited but have also been very coy in mentioning how they are nervous about the extent of renovations they are about to undertake to turn this house into the dream home that they have always envisioned for themselves. 

The family notes how there is a lot of work to be done for the property and are thus, very meticulous with their future plans. In regards to the exterior of the house, the Desjardins want to keep the appearance of the Spurr House within the time period that it was built.  To ensure that they are maintaining the same look, they are planning to simply re-paint the house and then clean up the stunning porch area to be able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee on during the warm summer mornings or a cup of hot chocolate during the cool fall nights.

As for the interior, there is a significant amount of work that needs to be done.  Helene highlighted primary improvements need to be made to the heating and electrical systems of the house.  Furthermore, the family wants to renovate most areas of the house with an emphasis on the kitchen as well as putting in bedrooms for their two daughters.  Matt chimed into these changes noting how they want to modernize the interior while ideally preserving the exterior of the home to fit the 1840s.  

Concluding our interview with them, the family notes how their next steps moving forward include focusing on the heating and electrical systems, demolition, and jokingly nodding to fixing the asbestos within the house - the fun things!

To be continued...

Mathieu Newton Sotheby's International Realty is incredibly grateful to be a part of the Desjardin family's journey and we look forward to catching up with them soon to see the progress that has been made! 

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To view our interview with the Desjardin family as well as view the interior of the home, check out our video on our YouTube channel! 

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