Gerry Simone

Client Testimonials



Gerry is very easy to work with. He has vast knowledge about the real estate market. He is very approachable with any related question. He's very patient and never gave up helping us though it took years to find a place we like. He was there through out the entire closing process and went above and beyond to help us out when the closing was delayed. Very impressed and would recommend in a heart-beat. ~Sudhakar



When you are three thousand miles from HOME finding the right broker is paramount.We found our dream home on line.Now we needed an exceptional negotiator to protect our interest on this property ,and secure it for us.three and a half weeks from Coast to Close - without a hitch. Gerry Simone is a MAGIC MAN!!. Respectful of sellers wants and buyers needs.He is charming most pleasant and SMART!!!. We are ever so grateful to Gerry for helping us find our way home. With greatest respect. ~Vicki and Adam



We have been working with Gerry during 2012 searching for our dream home. We had very strict needs, and finding everything we needed wasn't easy. Gerry knew the area very well, and made several good suggestions to us about pricing, neighborhood value, etc. Finally, we have found the one we really liked, after visiting quite a few houses. Gerry was very professional, very patient with our requests. He is always very responsive, and follows up on action items and our questions to sellers. We ended up going through a short sale, and Gerry was very knowledgeable about the whole process and made it smooth for us. In the end, everything worked perfectly. ~Georgiy



I had a very specific list of requirements I wanted and did not want in a condo so finding the perfect home was not an easy task. Gerry worked very hard to find properties that fit my criteria. He explained every step of the home buying process clearly and patiently to a nervous, first-time home buyer. He was very professional working with other real estate professionals, attorneys, and his client. Gerry gives 100%+ to his clients. ~Susan



Three years ago I was looking for an apartment. I had a pretty specific list of things I was looking for a relatively low price. It was a "tall order" but within one day Gerry had 3 listings within 10 miles from where I work. Another realtor who I've had a 10 year business relationship with coincidentally happened to find me something that very day; out of loyalty to our longstanding working relationship, I decided to take the apt. that she found for me. Gerry was perfectly friendly about it and said: "That's fine! Call me if you ever need help". Now for the amazing part. A month ago I decided to move again and remembered Gerry's kind offer from years ago. I called him and he actually remembered me instantly! After 3 years! Once again, I pressed him to find me an even better apartment and that I really needed something much lower priced. Impossible? I thought so. Within 24 hours he showed me the very place that I moved into last week! His sales-style is refreshing. He is very honest, which is not always prevalent with sales people. He presented the apartment to me in a non-invasive manner and we were both actually getting excited about how much it seemed to fit my needs. It felt like more of a friendship than working with a realtor who was just trying to tell me what I needed without being sensitive to my REAL needs. The apartment has great energy, something that Gerry did point out. He was right. He is intuitive and intelligent and WILL find you the best place for YOU, instead of just being eager to “make a sale”. I am a customer for life at this point! Thanks Gerry. ~Steve



Gerry has done a terrific job for us showing us a lot of houses before we finally found the house that we decided to call our home. Gerry was always right on time, well prepared and ready to offer or find out any information about the property. He is a very hard working agent and a very good natured person and made the entire process of looking, negotiating and buying a house much easier for us that it could have been otherwise. ~Vadim