MA real estate

Tenancy Relationships For Central MA Home Purchases

Tenancy is an arrangement between multiple home owners. It determines what will take place when one owner becomes deceased. There are several types of tenancy and they come with distinct rights and requirements. Below are important facts on the different tenancy relationships for Central MA home purchases. Tenancy Relationships Tenancy in Common Tenancy in common […]

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loan refinance

Central MA Home Loan Refinance Tips

It is best to refinance when loan rates are low. Refinancing includes certain costs but can result in significantly lower monthly payments. It may be with the existing loan provider or an entirely different lender. Central MA Home Loan Refinance tips including the costs and reasons for refinancing are discussed in this blog. When to Refinance […]

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va home loans

Benefits Of VA Loans In Marlborough MA

Veterans have the option of obtaining VA loans offered by individual lenders but guaranteed by the VA. The guarantee buffers lenders from loss up to a certain dollar amount should a homeowner forecloses on a property. Because of this guarantee, mortgage companies can give veterans features not easily found in other financing. Below is an […]

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portable heaters

Portable Heater Safety Tips for MA Residents

With the frigid weather of winter, you might be using portable heaters more than usual. It is important to take special steps to reduce harm and the potential for fire. The information below contains portable heater safety tips for MA residents. In the Presence of Children Not all portable heaters are child safe. Ensure that […]

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