Eric Stinehelfer

Client Testimonials




I found Eric through a listing online. From the moment he contacted me he was very respectful of my time. He always made it a point to reach out to me even if we weren't ready to buy. What I appreciated about Eric was that he did the research for a particular loan that is not too common. He went ahead and contacted the broker for us. I was able to contact him at non-working hours and he would reply without hesitation. Eric is a good person, level headed and not in the business to just make a commission. He guides you on when and how to be agressive on the home buying process. He cares about the home that his customer is buying. I would recommend him hands DOWN. Thanks, Eric!~Joe & Marcia



He was very helpful, had a lot of recommendations and was very informative since we were first time home buyers! We were very very new to the experience so he helped us learn along the way and definitely made suggestions that showed he looked out for our best interest. I definitely recommend him! ~Christina



Eric has been fantastic helping us find the condo we had been searching for for months. He was always a text or e-mail away and answered all questions promptly. There were many questions and details to the buying process that were new to us since we hadn't bought a house in over 40 years. Eric helped us negotiate with the seller in an excellent way and we were very, very pleased with the results. ~Claire



Eric's expertise, thorough knowledge of all facets of the home buying process, and dedicated attention were invaluable to us finding our first home. The process for newtimers is terrifying and full of pitfalls but Eric was great at guiding us through the process. Our situation was unique in that we were pre-approved for a USDA loan, a program which locally it seems people are not very aware of, and had a very short period of time in which to find a home. Eric knew the program, what to expect from it and what towns/region to target in our search. He was very patient with us throughout the process and was very accessible via phone, email or text at seemingly any hour. I know there were times where he contacted US with updates at around 11 at night some times, which means he was quite vigilant following every step of the process for our house. He is no-nonsense, low-key and very level-headed. He did not pressure us about houses or try to sell us on something way outside our range, but did his best to accommodate our wishlist and our budget along with the restrictiveness of USDA requirements. What struck me the most about Eric's services, was that it did not stop at just the house viewing, but included all the logistics to the house buying process. He worked very closely with our mortgage broker (who made a point of commenting to me one conversation on his very high opinion of Eric and how good he turned out to work with), the lawyer, and the seller's team. I was amazed just how little I actually had to do in this process, as Eric took point for so much of it. I had my serious doubts about finding a home in so short amount of time and under such constraints of the USDA, but Eric pulled it off. If you are a first time home owner, scared of the process and no idea where to begin, you will save yourself a lot of heartbreaks and headaches by having Eric in your corner. ~Alex



Eric sold our house in one day. He went above and beyond even after our house was sold. The new buyers wanted work done around the house. We were not willing to do the work and Eric stepped in and completed the job. Since moving in to our new house, Eric keeps in touch to see how things are going. I would work with Eric again. ~Courtney



We worked with Eric both as a buyer's agent and as a seller's agent. He has been dedicated, personable and easy to work with. He is very knowledgeable about the area as well as the market. We give him the highest recommendation. ~Sarah



Houses move fast. Every time I wanted to see a house Eric made an appointment either that same day or the next. Eric always immediately responded to me which is comforting as a buyer. We saw a lot of houses together and he knew what to look for in a quality home. Highly recommended. ~Rob



Eric is an excellent real estate agent ! He was instrumental in us purchasing our first home! He explained the process very carefully and never became impatient with all our questions. We felt very secure with him , his knowledge of the business and his attention to detail was very impressive! I would defiantly recommend him , He is so great to work with ! We love our new home and Eric was an integral part of us attaining it.~Vincent